If you're planning on wearing boots to your tailgate this weekend, you'll want to try out this trick.

Football season is upon us and with it come tailgates. For girls, this sometimes means dressing in a cute, team-colored outfit with cowboy boots. This look has become synonymous with football attendance in our area.

However, this leaves few options when it comes to your stuff.

No one wants to worry about a purse while tailgating and more often than not, you can't take a bag into the stadium. So where is a girl to put her stuff? Many turn to their man to hold simple things like an ID, cash and their ticket to the game. Guys always seem to have deep pockets and they don't even use all of them.

And if I had a nickel for every time my husband asked if he could toss something in my purse. *eye roll*

Maybe this weekend you can try out this simple hack. If you're wearing your favorite boots, just use a sticky wallet. These are rubber sleeves that stick to the back of your phone. They're big enough to hold a few cards and cash. Once applied to your phone, they turn your phone into a wallet.

Use that stick wallet in your boot. All of your stuff will be kept safe in your boot and if it falls out, it just fall into your boot. Not to mention how cool you'll look when you kick your leg up on the counter to retrieve cash for those nachos.

Check it out below:

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