Making the rounds on various social media websites, is an article under the headline;

Petition seeks return of Yellowstone jackalope to public lands around parks”

Yellowstone Gate posted the following:

BOZEMAN, MONT. — Federal wildlife managers say they are in the early phases of reviewing a petition that seeks to reintroduce the gray prairie jackalope to the greater Yellowstone area, but they have not set a deadline for acting on the filing.”

With tongue firmly in cheek, the article goes on but you should know before you go any further, that the original date of release was April 1, 2012. This is not new news. It is a story that will bring a smile to the faces of those who know the truth of the jackalope and it’s relationship to Wyoming. Douglas, Wyoming is the home of the jackalope.

Citing more than a dozen state and federal wildlife and habitat studies dating back to 1992, the Colorado-based Biological Equality Foundation stated in its petition that the “Yellowstone jackalope has been reduced to pockets of isolated population groups across a tiny fraction of its historic range.””


The jackalope will survive on the walls of roadside cafes, in the postcard racks of gift shops and around campfires for times to come. And the snickers continue.

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