You've probably seen it dozens of times, maybe even stopped dozens of times. Right off of I-25 near Loveland, Colorado is Johnson's Corner.

The truck stop and travel plaza features a diner that's been open since 1952, serving up "comfort food."

And if you're a cinnamon roll lover, you'll find comfort in their world famous rolls. Many argue these are the best ones in the entire region. A giant helping of gooey goodness topped with icing. One order can easily be shared with several people.

You can even take cinnamon rolls to go... but the problem with that, is you can't help but notice the nutrition information. Although the cinnamon rolls are giant and easy to share they come in at a whopping 1300 Calories! Which just over 2/3 of the suggested calorie intake for an average person for an entire day!

This is also the ideal snack for carbo-loading with 264 carbohydrates in one roll.

If you can ignore the nutrition information, we do highly recommend the rolls. Anything that bad for you has to be good, right? So go ahead and treat yourself once in a while... you just might not want to eat one every day.

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