As Wyoming residents brace for another cold, windy, snowy winter, here's a few of the snowiest towns in the Cowboy State.

Not surprisingly, northwest Wyoming receives more snow than any other area of the state. Based on snowfall totals collected from 1981 to 2010 by the National Climatic Data Center, Yellowstone National Park is the snowiest place in Wyoming, averaging over 207 inches per year and 84 snowy days.

The town of Moran, Wyoming, is the second snowiest spot in the Cowboy State, averaging over 166 inches per year and 61 snowy days. Nearby Moose, Wyoming, ranks third with nearly 163 inches annually and 67 days with snowfall. Alta, Wyoming, comes in fourth, with an average of nearly 110 inches, despite only having 37.5 days of snow each year.

Centennial, Wyoming, is the snowiest town in the southeastern part of the state. With 108 inches annually and 49 snowy days, it ranks fifth in the state overall. Lander is the snowiest town in north central Wyoming, with over 921 inches annually. Sundance is the snowiest town in north eastern Wyoming, with over 79 inches of snow annually.

Of Wyoming's three biggest towns, Casper receives the most snowfall, averaging 75 inches per year and 48 snowy days. Cheyenne is relatively mild by comparison, averaging 60 inches of snow and 45 snowy days per year. Laramie received considerably less snowfall, with a yearly average of 50 inches and only 40 snowy days.