Who would have thought that smack dab in the Rocky Mountain region, there would be islands in the Cowboy State. Not 1 or 2, but 31 to be exact.

One might not think that such a state like Wyoming would have islands, mainly because of where we're located. But Wyoming actually has 31 named islands.

  1. Jackson Lake - Out of the 31 islands in Wyoming, Jackson Lake boasts of 1/3 of them. Some of the islands at Jackson Lake are: Arizona Island, Dollar Island and Elk Island.
  2. Leigh Lake - Two little islands call Leigh Lake their home. They are Mystic Island, located to the north of the lake and Boulder Island, located south of the lake.
  3. Yellowstone Lake - Right behind Jackson Lake, Yellowstone Lake has the second most islands in Wyoming. If you ever visit, you'll see the islands that go by the named Dot Island, West Thumb Island and Harrington Island, to name a few.
  4. 'Treasure Island' - Although the Belcher River, located in Cave Falls (Teton County), only has one island, it's name is pretty notorious. If you find yourself on this river, make sure you visit Treasure Island. Your friends and family will probably like to hear the tales you share in visiting Treasure Island.
  5. North Platte River - Carbon County is also home to two islands in Wyoming. Mullison Island, located in Saratoga and Johnson Island, located in Overland Crossing.

Some of the other islands in the Cowboy State can be found at Snake River, also known as Oxbow Bend, Green River, which has 6 islands and Wind River, which has Bush Island.



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