Jackson, Wyoming now has the well-earned reputation for being the playground of the rich and famous. It didn't used to be that way. A new video share of a visit in 1990 shows life used to be much simpler there.

he mentions that "everyone drives trucks around here"

Based on the description, this footage comes from one family's visit to Jackson, Wyoming on June 20, 1990. While some of the downtown buildings look somewhat the same, the big difference is in the type of vehicles you see. So many moments and things said got my attention in this. Notice how he mentions that "everyone drives trucks around here". She mentions that she's seeing much more commercialization. Little did she know what that would mean 32 years later.

This is like stepping into a time capsule. I know this is from early morning, but look at the lack of traffic. It's staggering compared to the congestion in downtown Jackson on a typical day today.

For the sake of comparison, this is downtown Jackson from a year or two ago. Again, notice the traffic.

Many of us that have driven through Jackson over the years remember that in the early 1990's, it was still a somewhat simple place. Yes, there were mansions appearing in the hills, but downtown was still mainly pickup trucks. Now, it's BMW's and Porsches. Hey, I cast no stones. I'd love to have a Porsche.

As Snow Brains mentioned in one of their recent articles, Teton County is now the richest county in America. Average income of the top 1% there is over $19 million dollars. AVERAGE. Average income for the rest of the county's population is over $93,000.

I found this retro 1990 video interesting because it was around 1995 that Jackson really began to change. It became harder for middle class folks to afford to live and work there. The commercialization that the lady mentioned in her visit was just the tip of the iceberg.

Times change and I hold nothing against the rich and famous. Good for them. However, I do miss the Jackson pre-1995. It was a simpler town them that was easier for more people to live near and enjoy. Sadly, those days are long gone.

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