In December of 1856, Thomas Dobson worked for a stagecoach line that transported travellers from South Pass, Wyoming, to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah.

After his shoes had worn out that winter, the 19 year-old Dobson pressed on barefoot, often pushing the handcart in snow and ice.

Unable to find shoes that would fit his swolen feet, Dobson's party arrrived at Fort Bridger on Christmas Eve.

His fellow frontiersman, Eph Hanks, wrapped Dobson's feet in cotton and picked up his fiddle. As Hanks played, Dobson danced the night away next to the campfire.

The heat from the fire saved Dobson's frozen feet from certain frostbite and amputation.

Dobson later went on the become the first nightwatchman in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Over the years, the story of Dobson's sweet dance moves became local legend. He proudly performed the "Fisher's Hornpipe" at reunions for decades.

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