Tales of witches and warlocks have been a part of local lore for nearly a century. Here are a few of Wyoming’s witchiest legends.

The Casper Mountain Witches – As far back as the 1930s, witnesses have reported a witch haunting the area near Crimson Dawn road on Casper Mountain. Over the years, the legend has grown to include a museum and an annual festival which draws hundreds of spectators on the summer solstice to reenact pagan rites.

The Witches’ Circle in Sheridan – Another legend that dates back to the 1930s involves a mysterious row of columns at the Bellevue Cemetary in Sheridan known as the “Witches’ Circle”. The old cemetery was closed for nearly 50 years from the late 1930s to the 1980s but has remained a popular destination for curiosity seekers and generations of high school students in the area.

The Witches of Green River – For decades, residents near Green River, Wyoming, have reported fires burning in the desert outside of town. Typically, they occur in the fall around Halloween. Although authorities have yet to discover any of these mysterious blazes, many locals still believe they were set by a secret coven of witches.

Finally, a not-so-wicked witch, the Water Witch of Wyoming – Ronnie Nunn was best known for buying the old Casper airfield, which later became the town of Bar Nunn. Nunn was also called the “water witch” for his uncanny ability to locate water wells. Locals say that Ronnie would wave a copper rod or willow twig when surveying land to determine the size of underground water streams.

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