I’m a huge baseball fan. I grew up watching the Cubs on WGN back in the early 90s as a kid and I was hooked on them. Going without baseball until last weekend(and hopefully no more pauses) was a little rough, similar to what most sports fans were feeling. So, starting Friday going into last weekend, I watched 4 full baseball games. I’m not going to entertain that I went overboard with my television consumption, either. 

I got off work Friday in time to catch the first of a triple header on ESPN, which had the Mets playing. I passively watched the game, then I saw a young player come up on the screen named Brandon Nimmo. I saw a quick flash of stats that said he was from Wyoming. I was like whoa, hold the phone here. Then, the announcer gave me all the information on him that I didn’t know, like most baseball announcers do(because they have a lot of air to fill between pitches).  

As a transplant to the Cowboy State, it was really neat hearing pro baseball announcers talking about Nimmo being a Legion Baseball player and how special of a player he has to be to not play baseball traditionally like kids in other states. He didn’t have to go to college to get picked early in the 1st round back in 2011. He’s also the highest draft pick from the state of Wyoming. It’s kind of impressive they were able to rattle that off in a set of maybe 5 pitches.  

Of course, I had to immediately do research. I also texted all of my friends and with a “will you look at that” kind of approach. I'm also somewhat surprised coworkers and other folks I've met since moving here never mentioned there's a MLB player from Cheyenne. Now I have player to root for on the Mets(when they're not playing the Cubs). It’s really fun to have a local flavor to a game that I would have otherwise just passively watched.  

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