Its the age old battle.  Who should be responsible for the toilet seat being put up or down?  Should the men claim sole responsibility, or should the women?  Should it be a shared responsibility?  Take the poll, and lets clear this up once and for all.

Toilet Seat Note

I came across this picture on my Facebook feed and it made me giggle at first, but then it made me think.  Who should be responsible for this courtesy?  I know, I know... most say it is the man's responsibility.  I understand that it is the chivalrous thing to do.  But, I feel it is unfair for men to be solely responsible.  It really shouldn't be an issue, but there have been endless arguments about this for ages.  I'm pretty darn sure that every man, at least once in his life, has heard "You forgot to put the toilet seat down again!"  You never hear it the other way around though.  I have never heard or said " You forgot to put the toilet seat up again!"  In a lot of homes, the toilet seat and lid are always shut when not in use.  So, in these cases it is most likely a routine.  I am personally leaning toward the "shared responsibility" solution.  No one really wants to touch the seat, so why should just one person have to?

Your turn.  What do you think?  Who should be responsible for this courtesy?  Take the poll and leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.

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