AMC's 'The Walking Dead' premiers season 7 on Sunday night. We thought we'd have a little fun and rank the characters we think could survive the zombies in Wyoming the best...



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    Abraham Ford

    Wyoming is a rough, tough state. And Abraham is a rough, tough dude. His emotional outbursts could get him into trouble, but his Army experience would help him in the terrain.

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    Hershel Greene

    Hershel could have made it longer if he lived in Wyoming. His kind nature, and farm know-how make him suited to be a perfect Wyomingite.

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    Carol Peletier

    Carol can cook a gourmet meal over the campfire, and she's better with weapons than almost anyone on the show.

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    Rick Grimes

    Let's just face it - Rick would be a bada** everywhere. He could probably survive in Antarctica.

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    Daryl Dixon

    Dixon is the ultimate character for Wyoming. He can survive the elements, he's an expert bowhunter and tracker. He can survive on his own, or with a group.

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    Honorable Mention


    We firmly believe Michonne could survive in Wyoming, but left her out of the top five because of her reliance on the katana. With Wyoming's open terrain, it may not be the best potential weapon.