This year, millions of Americans will be spending Valentine's Day with 'The Walking Dead'. The popular AMC series returns with their mid-season premiere on Sunday night.

To help prepare you for the show, and the impending zombie apocalypse, Wyoming author Pembroke Sinclair published a new blog this week explaining why Wyoming residents will have a fighting chance when the dead rise up and come for our brains.

According to Sinclair, the Cowboy State has four unique advantages for pending off a potential zombie invasion:

1. Wyoming's low population, which means fewer people will become zombies

2. Wyoming's wide open spaces, which will force the zombies to travel further to feast. Our variable landscapes will also enable us to see the zombies coming.

3. Wyoming is well armed. Citing statistics suggesting that over 60% of Wyoming households possess at least one gun, Sinclair believes we will have enough firepower to hold off a zombie uprising.

4. Wyoming's cold winters also pose a distinct disadvantage for zombies. After being exposed to the elements, many of them will freeze in place, allowing them to easily be picked off by snipers.

Sinclair ends her blog with a note of caution.

"Despite these advantages, it’s always good to have a plan in place should the worst-case scenario occur—and you’d better believe my family and I have a plan and are ready," said the Laramie-based author, wife, mother of two and renowned zombie expert.

Want to learn more about the Walking Dead in Wyoming? Sinclair has written several books, including "Death to the Undead", "Life After the Undead" and her latest release "Finding Eden".