Cable televisions smash hit THE WALKING DEAD'S 5th season debuted last night on AMC and the millennial's were glued to the screen.AMC must have the recipe for great shows: Madmen, Breaking Bad and now The Walking Dead.  To really get a handle on the show, like most series like this, it's hard to become and instant convert without seeing the past four seasons to get a handle on why this is happening. In season 5, the cannibals are crazier and the scenes are bloodier than in the past.

It's been a while since a comic book series has been adapted to this kind of mainstream acceptance. The twenty-somethings are hooked. I recall a conversation between two women in their 20's that were fans of the show, you'd think (as guys they were talking about the Broncos victory over the Jets). It was intense. They discussed the show as per the events were real.

When Zombies attack Wyoming, I'm fighting these bastards. A Louisville slugger to the head seems to work. My problem with Zombies, everyone thinks they really menacing. Shoot a pocket knife could take them out. Enjoy The Walking Dead.