Built in 1900, the notorious Buckhorn Bar is 14 years younger than the University of Wyoming and is still a popular hangout for students. There are many stories and legends about “The Buck,” and now it's gained national recognition.

Thrillist has named The Buckhorn Bar and Parlor “Wyoming’s Wildest, Most Fun Bar.”

That’s no surprise to locals who know the bar is a member of the "Dive Bar Hall of Fame." Say that with pride!

“The Buck has been home to generations of cowboys, hustlers, derelicts, and college kids who come to drink among one of the most impressive and bizarre collections of townies and taxidermy in America.”

But before you take your date there, you should heed this observation;

“There's one place in the Cowboy State that's so sleazy, you can smell the bad decisions from a block away (along with vomit, pee and a hint of stale corn chips).

-Rick Roddam on the alley behind the Buckhorn.

Rick also shares some of their legendary tales. Funny, coming from a guy who never drinks. (smell the sarcasm.)

Maybe you should consider the Front Street Tavern instead.

Calling it “home to generations of cowboys, hustlers, derelicts, and college kids,” Thrillist honors The Buckhorn. They also recognize the Wildest, Most Fun Bar in every state.

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