The Old Buckhorn Bar and Parlor is the oldest watering hole in Laramie. For 116 years, it's hosted generations of thirsty locals and visitors alike...and it has the scars to prove it.

One of the Buckhorn's wildest moments left its mark in history. 45 years ago, one of the regulars flew into a mad fit of rage when a bartender ignored his advances. In a drunken stupor, he pulled his pistol.

One shot went through the ceiling, another into the alley and his final shot landed in the mirror behind the bar. If you look closely, you can still see the bullet hole to this day.

Another legendary Buckhorn tale involves a patron who went to the restroom in 1993 and never came back. According to local lore, the man left a full beer on the bar before passing away in the men's room. For years, bartenders kept a stale glass of brew on a shelf should the man ever return.

As crazy as those events were, one infamous night at the Buckhorn made it all the way to the Wyoming Supreme Court.

In 1994, Deborah Sturgis and Bill Broderick met while having drinks at the bar. Hours later, they ended up back at his place along with one of the Buckhorn's bartenders.

After Sturgis and Broderick adjourned to the bedroom, the bartender attempted to make his exit. Before he could leave, the woman stormed from the bedroom and shot the man in his leg. She then chased him through the house and down an alley before she was arrested.

After her conviction, Sturgis filed an appeal. In 1997, the Wyoming Supreme Court upheld the verdict.


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