The 24th Annual Wyoming Brewers Festival took place this past weekend at the Cheyenne Depot. Congratulations to Danielmark's Brewing in Cheyenne for winning People's Choice.

Danielmark's Brewing has six beers that they brew here in Cheyenne.

  • Starmaker- A Pale Ale with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 5.2% and the IBU's (international bitterness units) is 42
  • Corson- A Pilsner with an ABV of 5% and the IBU's is 24
  • Bluesitra- A Belgian IPA with an ABV of 7% and the IBU's is 62
  • Old Regret- An Irish Red with an ABV of 5.8% and the IBU's is 21
  • Copper Thief- An Amber Ale with an ABV of 5.2% and the IBU's is 36
  • Angle Iron- A Dry Irish Stout with an ABV of 4.8% and the IBU's is 21

Snowy Mountain Brewery out of Saratoga came in second. Here are their beers:

  • Saratoga Witbier- 5% ABV
  • Indian Rye IPA- 9% ABV
  • Lone Ranger Red- 7% ABV
  • High Altitude Helles- 5% ABV
  • Chocolate Meltdown Porter- 9.5% ABV
  • Sunshine Ale- 5% ABV
  • Honey Badger- 8% ABV
  • Widow Maker Ale- 5% ABV
  • Dirty Blonde- 5% ABV
  • Vienna Lager- 5% ABV
  • St. Nick's Nut- 5% ABV
  • 007 Miabock- 5% ABV
  • Drunken Apple Malted Cider- 10% ABV
  • Alpenglow Pilsner- 5% ABV
  • GEM Copper Rail Lager- 10% ABV

The Cheyenne Beer Social Club came in third place with their Homebrew Club.

Freedom's Edge Brewing Company from Cheyenne came in fourth. Check out their beers:

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