After having their second consecutive home game canceled due to COVID reasons by the opponent, the Wyoming Cowboys won’t play this weekend, again.

University of Wyoming Athletic Director Tom Burman tried to find someone to play the Cowboys in Laramie after Utah State canceled Wednesday morning, but he found no luck.

There had been speculation about a second meeting with Colorado State, but that didn’t materialize, even though CSU had their opponent, UNLV, cancel on them. There were also rumors about Wyoming and Colorado possibly trying to play since the Buffs had Arizona State cancel on them. Again, that didn’t happen.

Now, the Cowboys are just left to practice and be patient in an ever-changing landscape of COVID college football. As of the time, this story was written, there were 14 college football games either canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 reasons.

Wyoming is scheduled to play on Friday, Nov. 27, 2020, at UNLV. That would make it 22 days between games for the Pokes, but with the Rebels game versus CSU called off because of issues in the UNLV program, you have to wonder if that game will be played either.

Is anyone willing to bet how many games Wyoming football actually gets to play this season? This writer isn’t. It’s probably not the safest or easiest bet in an uncertain time.

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