Miss Ryder is a 27-year-old fun loving, people person with an interesting job. She is one of two "professional cuddlers" in the state of Wyoming. For $120 an hour, she will host a cuddling session or visit clients.

"I love to cuddle because it's relaxing and puts us in a state of comfort," Ryder says in her online profile.

Smiley is a real estate agent and part-time professional cuddler in Gillette, who offers two-hour sessions for $160.

"I give good back massages and I am a good cuddler," she wrote in her profile. "I'm just a friendly person to fill a lonely hour of the day with a jolt of conversation. Giving you happiness and a comforting feeling you are not alone in this world."

Miss Ryder and Smiley are part of a nationwide "cuddling community" that connects providers to customers in every state. There are also several registered cuddlers in Colorado.



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