There have been many legends, rumors and old wives' tales surrounding Devils Tower, but there is definitely not a giant system of roots under America's first national monument.

The following Facebook update was posted by Casper Planet late July, but is currently making rounds again due to over 70,000 shares.

While it's no secret that Casper Planet is a satirical Facebook page, most don't take the time to look at the source, especially if it's been shared by a family member or friend.

The massive amounts of shares the story has garnished captured the attention of the popular fact checking website According to Snopes:

"Casper Planet” is mocking a conspiracy theory, which springs out of flat-earth theory, holding that most mountains are simply the remains of ancient, gargantuan trees. Although “Casper Planet” did include a genuine photograph of Devil’s Tower, the pictured root system has little to do with the famous igneous rock formation in Wyoming. The image is actually a diagram showing how the roots of sweet corn have developed after eight weeks

Snopes went on to point out that the root photo that was used, originally read four feet deep, vice four miles deep.

The official Wyoming State Parks Facebook page posted the following response the day after being notified of the Casper Planet post:

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