Traffic is never fun to be in. Sure, Cheyenne has a relatively short commute time within the city compared to others. However, with everyone's need to be somewhere in a timely manner, traffic in Cheyenne can still have its issues, especially when it comes to dealing with some of the worst intersections around town.

No matter where you drive, traffic can still get backed up at times. You may even get caught at some intersections for multiple light changes if there's enough vehicles on the road. Or maybe you can get caught at a busy light with no turn arrow to assist.

That being said, we know we all have intersections in our route that we hate having to go through and these are the absolute worst in the entire city of Cheyenne...

You may have noticed the roundabout on Converse was missing from this list. We know how people feel about that already so for now, we're just sticking to intersections that involve traffic lights.

Those are the worst intersections in all of Cheyenne and why they can be dangerous. That's not to say there aren't more throughout the city. Maybe you have to drive a different one from those everyday that's not the greatest of intersections. Regardless, be careful out there. Buckle up and drive safe, Wyoming!

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