Tens of thousands of people are expected to flock to Casper for the total solar eclipse coming up next week, and while it's widely known that Casper lies on the center of the path of totality, there hasn't been much talk of exactly where one should be to get the best view.

Maybe that's because the folks who know are trying to keep it a secret and hoard the best spot for themselves. Unfortunately for them, we know how to use Google.

South Mike Sedar Park will likely be the best place to see the eclipse as it passes over Wyoming on Aug. 21. The park is bisected by the center line of the eclipse, which is where totality will last the longest.

NASA's Total Solar Eclipse Interactive Map projects the path of the eclipse, including the line of greatest duration.

According to NASA's map, the center line also passes directly over Rocky Mountain Carwash on CY Avenue between Fremont and Jade Avenues.

Familiar places along the center line in Casper, from west to east, include Depend-A-Pawn, Casper Alliance Church and the Conquistador Apartments.

After passing directly over South Mike Sedar Park, just a little south of the intersection of 25th and Poplar, the center line cuts the corner of the Casper Municipal Golf Course. The McMurray Career Studies Center, Tate Geological Museum and Casper College Greenhouse are barely north of the center line.

The eclipse will continue over South McKinley Street, only a few yards north of the Allendale Boulevard intersection, then cross Outer Drive and Elkhorn Creek, passing about 1000 yards southwest of the Casper Country Club.

Needless to say, all of these will be great locations to catch the total eclipse. So great, in fact, that major media outlets will be in town to get the best footage possible.

Don't forget to get your eclipse glasses beforehand, so you're prepared to safely view this once-in-a-lifetime event. Make sure you're buying glasses that are appropriately certified; scammers are selling fake glasses that do not provide adequate eye protection, and anyone who views the eclipse without a proper filter stands to damage their eyesight.

Also, remember that you'll be watching the eclipse with about 100,000 of your closest friends. A record number of planes are set to land in Casper the morning of the eclipse.

Cell phone service will likely be spotty -- if not totally overwhelmed -- emergency services could be swamped, and grocery store shelves may be sparse or empty.

Authorities say they're ready for the influx of people, but they recommend you fill your gas tank beforehand, have enough food, water and essentials to get you through three days, and build some extra time for travel in your schedule -- just getting around Casper, particularly on Sunday and Monday, may be a chore.

Parking restrictions will be implemented in downtown Casper, but downtown property owners will be allowed to offer parking for profit. Be sure to double-check the changes so you aren't inconvenienced or ticketed.

No oversize or overweight loads will be allowed on highways statewide -- even if the driver already has a permit in hand -- from Sunday through Tuesday.

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