Your social distancing libations just got a lot more sophisticated.

What can't you get delivered to your home these days? Seriously. Amazon can deliver anything under the sun, businesses will deliver their product to your door, and restaurants will do the cooking for you. Of course, you could get a little creative in the kitchen with a fancy meal prep kit that could turn you into a gourmet chef. I thought all of our bases had been covered, but I was wrong. Now, it appears we can add cocktail master to our social distancing resume with a boozy home-delivery kit.

Thanks to Cocktail Courier.

This is a company that is similar to a meal delivery business in that they will send you everything you need for the perfect cocktail, including the booze. I will tell you now, that maintaining a great bar is difficult. My husband and I enjoy a good cocktail and we love to experiment, but there's only so much you can do with creme de menthe... Google it.

What I love about a meal prep kit is the pre-measured ingredients and this does the same thing, but in cocktail form.

And with Mother's Day coming up, this might be the perfect gift for mom. Let's face it, quarantine has been difficult on all of us, especially parents. If your mom enjoys a good drink, this is a really cool way to buy her one from a distance. It's also a super easy to do date night at home, feel like you're back at your favorite watering hole, or simply try a new concoction without breaking the bank at the liquor store.

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