We've all been there. You're in Downtown Cheyenne, you're parked in front of a business and you look at your watch and realize...You've been parked in 2-hour parking for 2 hours and 4 mins. As you frantically run to your vehicle, you see something that makes your stomach drop all the way to Hades, the Cheyenne PD traffic pickup just drove past you.

You walk up to your vehicle and you have a nice notice on your windshield that says you owe the City of Cheyenne money. You say your swear words and move on with your day. Hopefully, you don't forget about the ticket and accrue more, which will land you your very own window ornament that they call a Barnacle. Those are expensive and fun for no one.

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How do I avoid getting a parking ticket in Cheyenne?

Well, I asked the same question and it turns out, that Cheyenne PD has the answer for you. No, for real. On their FAQ page, they tell you without telling you to just move your car to another block when you get close to surpassing your two-hour parking period.

Here's what they say:

Vehicles parked in an area where parking is limited by time must move from the block face of the vehicle's parked position before the expiration of time indicated on posted signs on any day except Sundays and public holidays, unless otherwise indicated upon any of the streets within the city as designated by the city traffic engineer.

"Block face" is defined as one side of a specific city block where signed time limited parking is available.

So, they don't come out and say it, but the way I interpret it is to just move your car from the "block face". Easy enough. Maybe you're already doing this. Of course, this is just a small spec of issues we have with parking in Downtown Cheyenne, but, hey, this system is tried and true.

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