What can we say, we love comfort food!

These last few months have turned many of us to the kitchen for our meals. Sure, there were delivery options and we used those to support local businesses, but I think the amount of meals that were being made in the home went up. I, personally, eat about 90 percent of my meals at home. It's not often that I eat out. Hubs and I eat at home because it's more cost and calorie efficient. It also gives us a chance to bond as we cook together.

For others, it was a whole new world being in the kitchen.

And I'm sure so many people were turning to Google to teach them how to cook. We saw several trends on the Internet when it came to recipes. The ones I can remember off the top of my head were whipped coffee and chicken salad. Recently, PopSugar looked at the top searched recipes across the nation and in each state. Nationwide, searches were dominated by cinnamon roll and hamburger inquiries. I would even bet that at one point in this pandemic, people were serving cheeseburgers ON the cinnamon rolls.

That actually doesn't sound half bad...

Anyway, the most searched for recipe in the state of Wyoming is sourdough. As carb fanatic, I love this. Plus, what's better than a big roll of sourdough bread right out of the oven. Whether you eat it alone, use it in a sandwich or use it to sop up what's left on your plate, it's delicious. Now what's really interesting is there were searches for sweet sourdough bread. These recipes call cinnamon and dates or raisins to be swirled in. Top that off with a simple glaze and that bread just turned into dessert!

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