Would you get any work done in paradise?

2020 has opened up a lot of our eyes to the possibility of working from home. Before it was necessary, I think a lot of people had their ideas about what home workers were all about. I would say some people questioned whether or not these jobs were "real jobs." Those same people I would say are probably just jealous of a job that doesn't require a commute.

With many jobs and schools moving to a remote setup, it's been interesting to see how many people value the idea of being at home. Aside from no hair and makeup ritual, working from home can actually make some workers more productive without the daily office distractions. And now I believe people have started to get creative with their remote work environment. Jobs are being completed at coffee shops or in the great outdoors.

Why stop there? Why not work remotely on an island? Could you imagine working your same job on a beach in the Caribbean? It almost sounds too good to be true, but it's real.

According to Travel and Leisure, many islands are adding their names to the Nomad Digital Residence Program.

The program allows you to work your same job remotely while living on an island, like Antigua and Barbuda, for up to two years with special resident status. You must apply to be accepted to the program and you must be earning at least $50,000. It will also cost you a little money. For a single applicant it's $1,500 and it's $2,000 for a couple. If you have a family of three of more it will cost you $3,000.

Those accepted into the Antigua and Barbuda program will have access to all 365 beaches and will reside in a "COVID-controlled luxury destination."

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