How crafty have you gotten while in quarantine?

We're all looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained during this time, aren't we? Some of us are streaming our lives away, others are gaming like there's no tomorrow. However, there are a few of us that are getting creative with DIY projects, baking, and even making clothes. In fact, there's one method that is having it's big comeback moment.


Yep, the psychedelic clothing-making process is gaining popularity. It is not only something creative to do at home, it also yields something bright and colorful to bring you cheer. The TODAY show also says this is right on trend with a resurgence of creative projects of yesteryear like macrame, weaving and for me, crochet. Many of these were popular in the 1970s.

Pinterest says that they've seen a 462% increase in "tie-dye at home" searches.

This takes me right back to summer camp where we made so many things, including our own unique shirts. I'll be honest, mine always turned out terrible. I was the kid who thought more color was better and ultimately everything would mix together into a real attractive brown color.

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