I know a lot of people are real sticklers for celebrating Christmas too early, maybe they think that it drains the spirit of Christmas before it gets going. Well, it's 2020 and if there's a year that we need to overuse the spirit of Christmas to improve our well-being, let's have it.

Friday is your day if you're pumped to get in the Christmas spirit, the Historic Governor's Mansion is opening with their Tinsel Through Time fun. As a new resident of Cheyenne, this will be my first dive into Christmas in Cheyenne, so I'm pumped to check out how the Governor's mansion is decorated.

They'll be open Friday from 11 am to 7 pm, so you'll have plenty of time in the evening to have dinner, then get in the Christmas spirit with some awesome decorations and Christmas cheer.

If you're looking for a fun game to play with the kiddos, have them search out the pickle that's hidden in the tree at the Governor's Mansion.

I'm really good at finding this every year at my parent's house. If you need help, just let me know, I'm kind of a pro.

There is a little version of Will Ferrel's "Elf" inside of us all, that just can't wait to eat sugar and spaghetti and run through the Historic Governor's Mansion "respectfully of course", and cannonball ourselves into what will hopefully be the best Holiday season ever. Let our inner Buddy and let's do this!

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