If you love to hunt and fish, you live in a great state. The options are limitless, don't believe me check out the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's seasons list.

Deer, elk, moose, antelope, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, rabbit, squirrel, grouse, pheasant, turkey, ducks and goose hunting are all happen during the fall. Throw in fishing and Wyoming is an outdoorsman or outdoorswoman's dream.

With the exception of some archery hunting and fishing, most every other type of hunting requires a firearm and the ability to aim and shoot.

If you're using a rifle, more than likely you're using a scope and have tuned that rifle in. No one wants to make a bad shot and wound the animal or miss completely, so you practice.

If you're using a shotgun, you still practice but instead of relying on optics (in most cases), you rely on gun placement, muscle memory and instinct, to get the job done.

Shotgun hunting can be frustrating, especially if you're shooting at a fast moving duck, a pheasant that's flying away from you or a goose that's too high. Knowing how to hold the gun properly, the perfect placement of the barrel and the range you're comfortable are all key ingredients to a successful bird hunt.

HuntStand is an informative app and website that is directed toward giving hunters the information and tips to help with every step of the hunt. They also have a great information filled HuntStand YouTube Channel.

I've been watching videos and shows from Outdoorsman Ron Spomer for years and I got sucked into a rabbit hole of hunting and shooting videos, and watched one that may help you when you're hunting birds.

In the video, Ron says there are '3 essentials' when it comes to being effective when shooting your shotgun.

Those '3 Essentials' Are:

  • Fit - if your shotgun doesn't fit you, you're going to have a hard time shooting birds
  • Focus - keeping both your eyes open allows you to see the bird you are shooting at.
  • Follow Through - making sure you keep the motion of your gun following your target. Stopping  your movement will mess with the shot.

Seems simple enough, right? Watching Ron explain each step, will help you grasp the concept of the 3 essentials.

Even if you've been shooting for many years or you're a beginner the videos may help you kill more birds.

Check out Ron explaining the essentials and give them a try the next time you're on a hunt.

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