Okay, well it won't be all Karen's fault, even though I'm sure she might be one of the culprits panic buying toilet paper AGAIN now that there's a genuine reason for the shortage that looks like it's upon us.

Let's Quentin Tarantino this thing for a second and go back to a year ago when the pandemic began and all of a sudden, for no reason whatsoever, toilet paper started disappearing off of retailer shelves in mass quantities. There was a brief period where toilet paper was almost nowhere to be found. It was as if someone thought the cure to Covid-19 was Charmin.

Now fast forward to present day and there is a legitimate reason for a shortage. According to a report from Bloomberg, Suzano SA, which produces the most wood pulp, which is needed to make toilet paper, is warning that the demand for shipping containers could delay shipments to the suppliers, and thus, create a toilet paper shortage. It seems that every March from here on out is going to be time to celebrate the annual toilet paper shortage.

Suzano SA CEO Walter Schalka has warned that if the current situation they are facing worsens, we may be facing a worldwide toilet paper shortage. March shipments have already had to be pushed into April. Welcome to Toilet Paper Shortage 2021.

The good news is, Karen, you're off the hook...for now. The bad news is, the shortage may not only involve toilet paper, but also coffee and cheese. While the reports of this are still in development, other countries have had to deal with these shortages for months.

In the meantime, this does not mean that you need to storm the toilet paper aisles and selfishly stockpile more toilet paper than you will use in the next decade. That's not how this works. Just continue to purchase toilet paper and any other necessities in moderation as needed. Remember how much people bought last year? Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said that at one point a year ago, just during one week, Walmart sold more toilet paper in a five-day stretch for everyone in the country to have one roll. That's absurd! Don't panic buy things! As long as we purchase things in reasonable quantities, don't worry, we're going to be fine. Even you, Karen.

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