Most people assume he’s a white man, but he’s not so sure.

TOM JONES says people have accused him of being black and "just passing as white," mostly because of his thick curly hair, and the fact that his skin sometimes looks darker because he tans so easily.

His father was British and Tom's mother was Welsh and English, but she doesn’t know for sure and Tom wants to find out with a DNA test. Tom did have black hair back in the day, but he's 75 now, so it's ironically, white.

Because Tom had such a sexual presence, the BBC banned his songs from their airwaves at first, but then this one went on to number 1 in England. Here’s his signature song, Its Not Unusual, that had session musicians in the recording session.

A popular rumor says Jimmy Page played guitar on the track, but probably not. Another source claims they needed a keyboard player, so they recruited a then unknown Reginald Dwight, who would go on to be known to the world as Elton John. I doubt that one as well. But rumors can be entertaining to an extent.