It's not unusual for famous people to travel through our part of the west. It is a bit strange for someone famous to come through literally on a skateboard. That is true unless you're Tony Hawk.

Props to KOTA-TV for this find. They shared Tony Hawk's video from Twitter. The backstory is that Tony saw open highway and decided to make the best of it.

When I see Tony Hawk doing this, I have to wonder out loud what he's up to. Destructoid wondered the same thing late last year when there were rumors of a new Tony Hawk video game project. They shared a link to a Games Radar story which confirms there are 2 classic Tony Hawk games coming later this year.

The first 2 Tony Hawk games were original Playstation classics, so it's good news that the next generation will get to enjoy them.

Seeing Tony cruise through the Badlands makes me wonder if he's capturing video in our part of America for another upcoming game and/or show. Maybe we could convince him to make that Casper Mountain big wheel racing thing happen?

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