I grew up a big David Letterman fan in the late 90's and early 2000's.

While I will admit, 'The Late Show' feels like it's lost some steam recently, there are several reasons to watch his last few shows on CBS.

Letterman is officially hanging it up on May 20th. In true Letterman style, here's my Top 10 reasons to watch his final shows...

#10 - He revolutionized comedy on TV.

#9 - Because Paul Shaffer is highly entertaining. 

#8 - Just maybe, he will drop something off a building.

#7 - Every late night comedian does a monologue, but nobody does it like Dave.

#6 - Great musical guests.

#5 - You never know who is going to show up and chug vodka with Dave.

#4 - You never know when things are going to end up getting weird... really weird.

#3 - Because Dave was the voice of reason on a terrible day. 

#2 - Stupid Human Tricks or Stupid Pet Tricks? Either way... comedy gold.

#1 - There will be a replacement, and dozens of other late night hosts, but never, ever anybody like David Letterman again.

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