The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be detrimental to numerous businesses, causing some to close their doors for good.

So, when I heard that Colorado's famous Casa Bonita was declaring bankruptcy, naturally I was extremely disappointed.

Being born and raised in Colorado, I frequented Casa Bonita several times as a kid and it was always a great time. Granted, the food is notoriously bad, but that aspect is hardly the reason that people visit the popular restaurant.

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In case you're not familiar, Casa Bonita features all kinds of entertainment such as cliff diving shows, arcades, and the coolest environment I've ever seen at a Mexican restaurant.

Luckily, it was announced today that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, both from Colorado, plan to buy the popular restaurant.

In fact, the cartoon once dedicated an entire episode to Casa Bonita, making it absolutely appropriate that the comedic duo would save it by buying it.

Take a virtual tour of the famous Casa Bonita:

Take a Virtual Tour of Colorado's Famous Casa Bonita

The creators of South Park have announced that they are buying popular Colorado restaurant Casa Bonita. Take a virtual tour of the "Disneyland of Mexican Restaurants."

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