United Airlines will offer twice-daily flights between Cheyenne and Denver starting March 26, Cheyenne Regional Airport announced Monday.

"The outbound flights will be an early morning and early afternoon departure," the airport said in a Facebook post. "The inbound flights will be an early afternoon and evening arrival."

The airport says it's also working to bring daily flights to Dallas/Forth Worth back after suspending them in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have over 26 people a day on average who fly back and forth to DFW," the airport said. "So American may again reinstate non-stop service once the pandemic ends."

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The airport says it's currently working with an outside firm to determine its top markets.

"This data will tell us where people in SE Wyoming are flying to and where people are coming from to fly to Cheyenne," the airport said. "This data is what we need to convince airlines to add more flights and destinations."

The last passenger demand analysis, conducted in 2017, listed Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Shreveport, and Washington, D.C. as the airport's top origins and destinations.

"Once we have current data, we’re going to pursue DFW again and we’re going to pursue Allegiant to Las Vegas or Phoenix," the airport said.

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