Two side-by-side recreational vehicles broke through the ice on Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody on Sunday.

The Park County Sheriff's Office said in a news release that no one was hurt and the owners were able to retrieve their vehicles without any assistance.

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But the Park County officials are taking the incident as an opportunity to remind people that proper ice safety recreation can "be the difference between life and death."

"The thickness of the ice is very inconsistent this time of year. As the weather continues to warm up the ice will become more dangerous. Certain areas may seem safe but may be very close to areas that are less stable," a news release says. " Anyone who decides to go out on to the ice should always wear a personal floatation device. Any number of conditions, including but not limited to, stress fractures, air pockets, or overly fatigued ice can cause otherwise strong ice to give way. Moreover, ice is always and continually changing. Without a personal floatation device, a victim can drown within 2-15 minutes, depending on the water."

Sheriff Scott Steward said that people should not travel onto the ice at this time thanks to warm weather and rapidly deteriorating conditions. Those who do venture out should carry a pair of "ice awls" or "ice picks." They should also carry them with a loop hung around their necks.

Steward says the devices, which are held in each hand, enable victims to self-rescue by gripping the ice, which allows the victim to pull themselves up out of the water."

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