LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — Fall enrollment at the University of Wyoming has declined slightly from last year's record high.

UW census data shows 12,928 students enrolled for the fall semester. That is a decrease of 194 students, or 1.5 percent, from the 2012 fall semester.

New freshman enrollment is essentially stable, with 1,581 new freshmen this year compared to 1,584 last year. The average high school grade point average of the freshman class rose substantially, from 3.48 last year to 3.67 this year.

For the sixth consecutive year, UW's international student enrollment has increased. Some 815 international students are studying at UW, a 3.3 percent rise from last year. The racial and ethnic minority population also has increased to 10.3 percent of the student body, rising 5.4 percent to 1,335 students.