As many business across the country are making adjustments to policies and procedures due to Covid-19, the ride sharing service Uber is falling in line as well.

As of Monday, May 18th, all Uber drivers and passengers will be required to wear face masks in order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Drivers will be required to submit a selfie through the Uber Driver app before logging on. Drivers will also be responsible for sanitizing their vehicles, handwashing and hand-sanitizing, and not driving when feeling sick. The new policies put in place are said to be flexible depending on the severity of the Covid-19 outbreak in the drivers/passengers' given location.

Riders can also be reported by drivers and have their ride canceled if they are not wearing a mask  or should take their mask off at any point during their trip which would not be compliant with the new rules. Further action may be taken by the company if needed for both drivers and passengers.

However, if both driver and passenger are compliant with all the safety guidelines, they can always proceed with small talk like when the passengers ask the drivers if they do that full-time, or how long they've been driving for Uber, or if they drive for Lyft too, or discuss the weather. Any of those topics will work since that is pretty much every single small talk conversation in any Uber ride in the history of Uber rides.

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