The news of giant asian hornets invading the pacific northwest, has had me on edge. I mean, I have already been standing guard in the fight against those damn yellowjackets trying to set up shop in multiple locations around my house. But, amplify my HATE for a yellowjacket by 300% and you have the infamous "MURDER HORNET."

All the reports we have seen about the Murder Hornets say that multiple stings from them can deliver enough neurotoxin to kill a human. Thats some scary stuff right there. In fact they reportedly kill 50 people every year in Japan. That is more than people killed by sharks. So it makes you wonder how to protect ourselves from these aerial enemies. Thankfully we have some allies in our corner.

I have been noticing more and more praying mantis in our region for the last couple summers. I have really never seen them before, and was surprised at how many I found everywhere from hiking trails to hanging out at gas pumps. But, needless to say the population of mantis is getting larger in our state. That is good news for us, in regards to the murder hornets. Turns out, praying mantis and murder hornets have been dueling for centuries and the mantis is predominately the champion in a head to head battle. Take the following video for example. It is footage of a mantis whooping a murder hornets butt...complete with UFC style commentary.

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