Starting Monday, January 7, 2019 weeknights on 101.9 King-FM are going to be ultimate!

Weeknights on King-FM will be taken over by the Ultimate Classic Rock show hosted by radio legend Uncle Joe Benson, from 7:00 PM until Midnight.

In addition to playing the best songs from the most important bands in rock history, the show features Uncle Joe’s insightful interviews with the top artists in the industry, the latest rock news, and highlights from

Tune in for Ultimate Led Zeppelin every night at 10:00, when we go deep into the Zeppelin catalog. Wayback Wednesday features double shots of lost classics from some of classic rock’s biggest legends. And don’t miss the Floyd Fix every Friday night.

You can leave messages or requests for Uncle Joe Benson at 626.559.1450

Speaking of Uncle Joe...

Living Classic Rock from its very beginning — both on stage and on air since 1968 — music has been Joe Benson’s life. Whether playing it, talking with artists and fans about it or documenting it with his definitive UNCLE JOE’S RECORD GUIDES, Benson’s always been rocking! Hailed as “An AOR Legend” in Don Barrett’s definitive book, “Los Angeles Radio People,” Benson is more than a popular Southern California entertainer. He’s been a family member to millions of Southland listeners over the past 37 years — their own ‘Uncle Joe.’ In addition, his passion and unique involvement in motorsports — as a participant, announcer, and reporter — has garnered national print and TV attention while keeping him in constant touch with his audience.

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