Cryptocurrency is coming to the University of Wyoming. On May 13, 2022, the University announced it received a gift from Ripple Blockchain in the form of a new cryptocurrency center. The Ripple Blockchain Collaboratory will provide an educative program focused on exploring bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and cyber security.

In a statement, Lauren Weymouth, the director of Ripple Blockchain's university programs explained their choice of the University of Wyoming for the new program,

"Given the caliber of its leadership and research programs, the University of Wyoming is in the perfect position to help promote and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and real-world use cases like central bank digital currencies, NFTs and carbon credit markets,"


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The Future of Blockchain at the University of Wyoming

The Ripple Blockchain Collaboratory will offer courses and resources for students interested in furthering their crypto and blockchain knowledge. The center will reside in the new UW Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation, under the College of Engineering and Applied Science and the College of Law. Both Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students will have access to the program.

The University has addressed the Ripple Blockchain Collaboratory as a step forward into the future that will set Wyoming on a path of innovation. Klint Alexander, dean of the College of Law, was supportive of the program, saying:

"As the global economy becomes more digital and fast-paced, innovations such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are becoming more of the norm, rather than the exception. It is important that the law keeps up with these changes, and Wyoming has become a global epicenter for the development of rules and regulations in this increasingly important space."

The Ripple Blockchain Collaboratory will offer courses covering the legal ramifications of crypto, real-life applications, case studies, energy tokenization and carbon sustainability, and other related courses. For more information on the new program, click here.

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