It's not every day that talent scouts from one of America's most popular television shows set their sights on Wyoming.

That's what happened recently when Quinton Migneault, a member of the University of Wyoming Happy Jacks singing group, received an e-mail inviting him to audition for NBC's "The Voice".

Next week, Quinton and his dad Derrick, who lives in Cheyenne, will travel to Los Angeles to showcase his talents. If the scouts like what they hear, Migneault could become a contestant next season.

Migneault is one of three tenors in the 10-man a cappella signing group. The Happy Jacks are a student funded organization that represent the University at various events across the country, including their annual fall and spring concerts.

Not only is Migneault incredibly talented, he's also humble.

"I don't know if my voice is what they are looking for at the moment since my voice is still growing, but I'm going to sing my heart out," he said. "I feel bad about all the publicity before I've even tried out. It would suck to let everyone down if I don't make it."

Don't worry, Quinton. You're not gonna let us down.

If he's chosen to compete, Migneault would be the third Wyoming singer to appear on "The Voice". Casper native McChale Aquile Gunby was a contestant in 2012. Pinedale resident Cary Lane also drew rave reviews in 2014.



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