Hundreds of Laramie residents and University of Wyoming students of many different backgrounds gathered to show unity and support for one another during a solidarity walkout Monday afternoon.

The group met in Simpson Plaza around noon and marched downtown to spread their message.

Rihanna Kelver said she organized the event after noticing anxiety among minority groups in the wake of the presidential election. She said the aim of the event was to express support and solidarity within minority communities.

“Our goal is to make a community event where people can come together in solidarity between all these different groups, and allow for a larger support throughout the community,” Kelver said.

The group marched from in front of the Wyoming Union in UW's Simpson Plaza to the First Street Plaza downtown. Kelver said the group would convene there for about 30 minutes for more speeches.

“We don’t want to be silent, we don’t want to be complicit in the possible destruction or blockage of some of our rights,” Kelver said.

Kelver emphasized that the walkout was not specifically protesting President-elect Donald Trump.

“One thing we want to focus on is that we don’t want this to be specifically about Trump or about hate or anything; we just want it to be about solidarity and people coming together,” Kelver remarked.

The event received widespread support from the university as well as the community at large, Kelver said.

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