UniWyo Credit Union is growing. Yesterday, the Laramie-based Credit Union announced a merger with Reliant Credit Union, which serves Northern and Central Wyoming.

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UniWyo Merges With Reliant Credit Union

The merger marks a growing number of UniWyo locations in Wyoming. To date, UniWyo has three locations between Laramie and Cheyenne. Upon completion of the merger, it will have locations in Casper, Douglas, Cody, and Glenrock. Members of both credit unions should expect an expansion of services and locations benefitting the employees and members of the respective credit unions.

The merger will result in UniWyo offering services to over 40,000 members across Wyoming. As a result, UniWyo will become the second largest Credit Union in the Cowboy State.

In response to the merger, Reliant CEO Steve Higginson stated in a press release,

"This merger will benefit our membership and employees, and will allow us to continue our long history of community involvement,"

Both credit unions are dedicated to charitable donations and giving back to their community, which Higginson also noted in the press release.

Dave Krause, CEO of UniWyo Credit Union, echoed Higginson's community-focused statement, saying,

“We are incredibly excited to come together as one organization, to get to know all of our employees across all markets, and to reach more neighborhoods in Wyoming.”

At this time, the merger remains pending until it receives approval from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and Reliant Credit Union members. UniWyo and Reliant have tentatively set early 2023 as the projected effective date of the merger.

For more information on the merger, visit the respective credit unions' webpages. Click here for Reliant's website, or click here for UniWyo's site.

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