Ready to get a little creeped out? Netflix offers a pretty convincing and unnerving preview of their newly launched Unsolved Mysteries reboot with a brand new trailer.

The first of six new episodes airing on Netflix is titled "Missing Pictures" and it centers on the bizarre case of an entire family that appears to have gone missing, with little to show for it. That is until ... well, watch the trailer.

As revealed in the trailer, one of the more eerie things about the house of the missing family was that only picture frames had been left on the walls, with the pictures inside all being taken. Aside from that police found little else disturbed in the home despite six trips to investigate the house. That sixth trip however, provided one of the first gruesome clues.

The original Unsolved Mysteries docuseries ran from 1987-1997 on NBC. CBS then picked it up from 1997-1999. Lifetime and Spike TV has also tried their hand with Unsolved Mysteries reboots, before Netflix takes its shot starting today.

This Unsolved Mysteries reboot comes from the creators of the original Unsolved Mysteries television series and the producers of Stranger Things. Like the original, they'll present the findings of the investigation, allowing the viewer to attempt to uncover what to make of the clues. The first episode arrives on Netflix today (July 1)

Unsolved Mysteries Trailer

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