A new publication of the University of Wyoming Extensions shows the early effects of COVID-19 on Wyoming employment.

It’s the first of a series of publications and is available for download as a PDF, HTML or ePub here.

The mining and natural resources and leisure and hospitality sectors experienced unemployment rates above 45 percent.

The report shows the overall unemployment rate decreasing from March up through September.

This publication also shares data from different industries within Wyoming and the comparative unemployment rate from March to September, discussing COVID-19’s impact on those industries.

Though initially, unemployment was due to public closures, persistent unemployment across all sectors is due to people changing behaviors.

Differences among counties in relation to the industries they primarily specialize in can be seen within this report.

The first wave was all of the industries being hit by COVID-19 and Wyoming’s public closures, and the second wave was due to the reduced need for energy and other  inputs due to other industries dialing back because of supply-chain issues and lower demand

Education and health services are lumped together because they are essential to how we conduct everyday life, and that’s why they were not as affected.

Wyoming has, as a priority, getting the education and health services sector up and running safely in a similar way to other states across the nation.

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