The University of Wyoming's Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic, located in the College of Health Sciences, reopened to patients in late June. The clinic has a strategic plan of safety guidelines in place which are aimed at preventing clinic staff and patients from possible COVID-19 exposure.


In an article from the university, Teresa Garcia, supervisor of clinical services in audiology, says steps are taken before seeing each patient in order to protect against contact infections.

She stated, "Before each patient and in between all patients, the waiting room area and testing booth area are cleaned and wiped down with a sanitizing spray. Surfaces that are difficult to clean or that may be affected by the repeated use of a sanitizing spray are covered in a barrier film.”


Garcia points out that patients returning to the clinic have expressed their appreciation for the extra precautions taken by the clinic staff to ensure safety.

Since reopening, the clinic reports seeing 63 audiology patients.

To arrange an audiology appointment, call (307) 766-6426 or email

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