The title alone captured my attention. I found a video and article about how a veteran describes how grizzly bears saved him. His name is Doug Peacock and his story is captivating.

The Atlantic first told Doug's story in both an article and video. Here's the visual part of what happened to Doug after two tours of Vietnam.

What a dramatic moment when Doug talked about coming face-to-snout with a grizzly. As he had a Magnum drawn and stared down the grizzly, he made the decision to lower the weapon and the grizzly walked away. Crazy intense.

The key part of Doug's story is his search for solitude after years of being in the middle of war. He found that living in grizzly country and ended up taking photo and video of the bears to help protect them and tell their story. In that aspect, he believes that is how grizzlies saved his allowing him to live among them when his mind and heart were so weary from war.

I highly recommend you read all of Doug's story from The Atlantic. He came home from Vietnam before we even knew what PTSD was. His service to his country is appreciated and his story after that service is done is equally compelling.

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