If you think you've seen a lot of tumbleweeds before, you should see the aftermath of a storm of the dry brush that just happened near Bar Nunn, Wyoming.

This video was captured a couple of weeks ago it appears. The explanation the person who captured the video was simple:

Wind and drought have created an abundance of tumbleweeds this year in Bar Nunn, Wyoming.

That sums it up and resulted in this.

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Entire neighborhoods that looked like they were shooting an old western in the front yards.

ViralHog via YouTube
ViralHog via YouTube

You might remember this viral moment in Cheyenne 8 years ago when the same thing happened to a home where tumbleweeds were stacked to the roof.

For what it's worth, Treehugger had a fun article last year about how we ended up with tumbleweeds. They mentioned that it began with "flax seed that was apparently contaminated with Russian thistle seeds".

Leave it to the Russians to leave us with a dilemma like this.

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