We wear the word "weird" like a badge of honor. That's one reason we were extra pleased to learn that both Bar Nunn and Chugwater were declared to be the weirdest named cities in Wyoming.

The folks at Estately specialize in helping provide facts to people trying to decide where to live. They are the ones responsible for the most oddly named cities in America. It's a highly entertaining complete list and I recommend reading all of it.

As far as Wyoming is concerned, they called out 6 cities:

Bar Nunn, Chugwater, McNutt, Miner’s Delight, Recluse, Ten Sleep

Even I hadn't heard of Recluse, but I definitely don't plan to move there as I am not a spider person.

Don't make fun of us if you happen to reside in Idaho or Colorado. There are some cities in your backyard which make our weird city names very normal.

For next year, I recommend we give a shout out to Estately and let them know about Goose Egg. How did Goose Egg not make this list?

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