It's that time of the year that it's bitterly cold on days and Wyoming's special version of Mother Nature really gives us no choice when we're getting ready to leave home for work or other adventures.

I mean, we've all been there, you're getting ready to leave, it's approximately 3 below and you walk outside with wet hair. If you're not wearing some form of a hat, you're standing a good chance of having your hair freeze. It happens.

Some bored soul on TikTok decided to take advantage of the frigid Wyoming weather and their long wet hair. What results in a short amount of time is frozen hair. Not just icy, but frozen in place. I guess it's Wyoming's natural hair spray. Hey, that's pretty good, I'll probably use that again.

Just see for yourself.



My only hope for all of this is that people start styling their hair but how it freezes during the winter. I mean, all she'd need to do is freeze her hair, run inside and spray it with a really strong hairspray. Probably that Aquanet. Do they still make that?

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It's still early January and Winter lasts in Wyoming until June, so this person on TikTok and anyone else interested in trying a new hairstyle for 2022 can go ahead and step right up and give it a shot. We have a whole 5 more months of this, with a few fools spring mixed in. Let's get creative, it'll make the time pass quickly as we wait for Summer.


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